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We are a team of Accountants, Auditors and Consultants, we are reliable business partners that care about the future. We help create long term value and limitless future growth Opportunities for our clients

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At Prince Princess Accountants we believe that engaging an accountant shouldn’t be a chore! A good accountant should show regular interest in your business beyond tax return time, using their knowledge, they should help you drive the success of your business, and you should not fear additional cost from picking up the phone.

We are your trusted business advisors, always one step ahead to navigate you through the changing market dynamics. We anticipate these changes by monitoring and understanding your industry landscape and trends. Prince Princess Accountants remains unconditionally committed and dedicated to uniquely solve each critical business challenge with sustainable solutions that we identify in your business.

Our industry experts are available to engage on how we can help you build a high performing business with sustainable business solutions.

Why Prince and Princes Accountants

Our Values

Our values form the foundation from which our mission and strategies are built. At Prince Princess Accountants, we don’t just uphold these values, we embody them. We see their true value and potential to create change that reaches further than we could imagine.


Empathy, Making people valued, Continuous upliftment of staff, Training and Development, Employee wellness Transformation


Stakeholder engagements, Knowledge sharing, Corporate Social Investment, working together to achieve excellence

Integrity and innovation

Quality, Compliance, Fairness  Ethics, Knowledge contribution, New Ideas, Thinking outside the box, Exceptional Solutions


Growth, Profitability and Productivity, Value-adding services, Responsible profits


Our mission is to provide a valuable, hassle free service from first contact through to completion and beyond; Developing a positive long-term relationship with you, ensuring all your accountancy needs are being met efficiently, on time and at great value.

We focus on helping our clients achieve growth, through improved management. As Management Accountants we prepare and analyse key performance measures such as profitability and liquidity, to add strategic business value, and help your business grow.

We can help you to design a Financial Strategy, no matter what stage of the planning process you are currently operating at. Whether you need to identify efficiencies in your internal business processes, or need to analyse external factors which are affecting your business. From identifying your strategic business options to implementation and review, we can assist ensuring maximum value is added to your business from all business processes.

We are passionate about business finance, meaning that you can confidently let us take care of the numbers whilst you focus on what you do best, running your business!

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, you can rely on us for all your management accounting and financial guidance needs – we’re here to help!

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    We offer the depth of resource and specialist skills of a national practice but remain dedicated to the personal approach. We are committed to genuinely understanding the challenges you face and the value of high quality, proactive business advice.

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